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When you visit The Worship Store, you are supporting hard working, small businesses and artisans who love the Lord and have the heart of worship.

The Worship Store began as an inspiration received at an annual dance conference I attended in 2015. Many of my friends are marketplace ministers and artists who sell their items at these types of events. At every conference, they come and set up their booths to sell their beautiful art, garments, pageantry items, flags, Shofars and more. Many of these items are handmade, one of a kind and not available anywhere else.

While at conferences, I’ve noticed that each time the conference was in session, they would have to close their tables. As a result, people would just walk past the table often interested, but unable to buy anything. The minister would lose the opportunity to sell an item and the worshiper missed an opportunity to expand their worship arsenal.

Many of these artisans are single Moms or a small group of people who are inspired and anointed to create beautiful things for the Lord. They travel sometimes hundreds of miles by car or van carrying their items to the conferences. When they reach the conference, they set up their table or booth. When the conference is over they must break down and pack up and make the drive home.They are passionate about their art and gladly make the sacrifice. All of the driving and setting up and tearing down is good exposure, but not an efficient way to make money for the kingdom. But for most of them, to market individually on the internet does not make financial sense.

My husband and I own a marketing company called 1st Impression Marketing Solutions where we primarily serve the construction industry by doing internet marketing. As a marketing professional, I saw an opportunity to utilize our skills and knowledge to bring these market place ministers together and, just like at a conference, create an online kingdom ministry marketplace. This marketplace is always set up, open 24/7 and ready to equip, encourage and educate worshipers nationwide. By creating one store and making it easy and affordable for these market place ministers to post their items and worshipers to shop and purchase items, everyone wins!

Thank You!
Renee & Gary McCormick

Renee & Gary McCormick

Renee & Gary McCormick