Mighty Men of Valor Men of Valor                         

Over the past 20-30 years worship has become increasingly feminized. With dance and flagging becoming more popular and acceptable forms of worship in church services, the men in our worship services have been left on the sidelines. They sit by stoically lulled by the “soaking music” while the women dance and express their devotion to God, but are rarely encouraged or made aware of how important their worship is. The music is often soft and lilting or played in a range hard for them to sing, which makes it hard for a manly man to even engage. As a result, the Holy Spirit is grieved and the Church does not function in its’ full power and authority.

Men are key participants in bringing in the holy presence of God through their worship. When the men choose to sit on the sidelines of worship, the church is missing half of the necessary components to function as a whole body in worship. God made men and women distinctly different to fulfill different roles and assignments. In the natural men are leaders, warriors, protectors, etc., and so it is in the supernatural. Men carry a powerful anointing and authority that women simply do not possess into their worship.

It is important that men actively lead and participate in worship because of these preordained areas of authority that only they can fill. There is nothing sissy or feminine when men gather to lead worship. When it is time to take new territory or to war for their church or family the worship team should follow their lead! The sound of men clapping, stomping, dancing, flagging, whooping and taking authority puts the enemy on the run! The conferences that I attended where the men lead the worship are some of the most powerful worship experiences I’ve ever had!

Men were originally commissioned to carry the presence of God and to transport our worship to new places. In 2 Samuel, King David gathered all of Israel together to celebrate the Ark of the Covenant returning to the people of Israel. But, he then commissioned 30,000 men to transport the ark and offer worship and sacrifices every six steps along the way. Later, when the Tabernacle of David was established, King David commissioned 4,000 Levitical priests (all men), utilizing 16 different forms of worship, to worship 24/7 seven days a week, and for the next 33 years Israel enjoyed a golden age of prosperity and peace.

Worship, like anointing oil, flows down from the head to the hem of the garment. The churches who have pastors and leaders who demonstrate passionate worship have congregations full of passionate worshipers. Passionate worship brings the presence of God and in the presence of God, we experience healing and miracles. I was on a mission trip in Guatemala, where the Pastor led worship like King David. He sang boisterously, danced, ran the aisles, wept and lay prostrate before the Lord during the service and as a result, the congregation followed. When people came up for prayer sweaty and disheveled, we experienced amazing miracles! Some of these included hearing being restored and seeing a leg that from birth was 4” too short, grow to match the other leg!

When David danced before the Lord with all his might, Michal, David’s bride, scoffed at David’s undignified worship. She was ashamed of David’s behavior and worried about what the King’s subjects would think of David’s embarrassing demonstration of worship. As a result, the Lord struck Michal barren. Perhaps this is a prophetic warning to the churches. Are we experiencing barrenness in our churches and our ministries as a result of our mighty men not being encouraged to worship in abandon?

As the bride of Christ, we desperately need our men, leadership and otherwise, to take up their masculine mantle of worship and demonstrate sincere, passionate, undignified and yes, even humiliating worship before the living God so that we can operate as the powerful body of Christ the Lord is calling us to be!

Mighty Men of Valor Arise!!!

– Renee McCormick