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Jim Barbarossa - The Shofar Man

Jim Barbarosso – The Shofar Man

Shofars represent the breath of God.

They have been sounded for centuries at Jewish holidays, feasts, celebrations and in times of war. Nothing breaks the atmosphere and takes worship to a new level like the sound of a Shofar!

The most prominent story in the bible concerning sounding Shofars is in the book of Joshua. The Lord told the Israelites to march around the walls of Jericho for seven days. On the 7th day, they sounded their Shofars and the walls of the city fell!

Today we use Shofars in worship or at events much the same way the Israelites did. They are used to break the atmosphere, in celebration, to make declarations in the Spirit, to take territory, for healing and deliverance, and to give mighty encouragement to the congregation!


 Interested in purchasing a Shofar? Here are several things to consider:

  • Quality is important. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable dealer who sells authentic  Jewish Shofars made from real animal horns.
  • Do your homework. The more informed you are about Shofars, the better decision you can make about choosing a Shofar .
  • Never buy a Shofar based on size being stated as small, medium, large or extra large. Always ask for exact dimensions. The smaller the range of inches, for example 48″-50″, the better chance you will get the size you want and the best deal. The standard measurement for a Shofar in the U.S. is around the curve, not from end to end.
  • Decide on your finish up front. Shofars come in natural, polished or half polished and half natural finishes.
  • No two Shofars are alike. Ask your Shofar supplier for a picture of the Shofar he will be sending to you. (The Shofar Man will contact you to hear your Shofar and send you a picture prior to shipping)
  • Generally, the larger the Yeminite Shofar, the more notes or tones you will be able to play, but beware of claims that it can play 8-10 notes or more.
  • The Larger the mouthpiece is, the easier it will be able to play.
  • Beware of claims that a Shofar has been individually “fine tuned”. With the exception of modifying the mouthpiece or making sure the instrument has been properly cleaned out, you cannot tune a Shofar
  • A Shofar should not be chosen simply for its’ size, or based on your budget. Pray and allow the Lord to guide you in which Shofar is best for you.
  • The right Shofar is an investment that when cared for properly, will bless you and others for a lifetime!


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