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Victory – 11″ x 14″ Lithograph

Victory on Earth, Victory in Heaven and Victory for our King of Kings. This image depicts scenes from Revelation 12 and Revelation 19.

Victory – a poem by Stacy Stancil

Fix your mind on the radiance above.

Cling to the truth of God’s Word.

Know the hope of His calling,

Remember the scriptures you’ve heard.

It is written the Heavens will open

As Christ and His armies appear.

In righteousness He comes as warrior and judge,

Until then, in your call, persevere.

Clothed in a robe dipped in blood,

The Faithful and True One is He.

His Name is called the Word of God,

All creation will behold Him and see.

On His head He wears many crowns

And His eyes are a flame of fire!

On earth, as in Heaven, to rule and reign,

Casting down the accuser and liar.

By His coming He’ll rescue the church,

Christ’s bride clothed in linen set free.

The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings

In His Glory Heralds the Victory!



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