Wind and Fire

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windand fire


Wind and Fire of Pentecost – 11″ x 14″ Lithograph

The heavens declare the Glory of God,

His handiwork therein is proclaimed.

Let all the earth worship, praise and adore,

Worthy is He for acclaim.

God’s power and His divine nature

Through creation is clearly revealed.

Giving evidence that He is the Father of Lights,

His Word’s truth established and sealed.

Following Christ’s victory of death and the grave

Before His ascent took Him higher.

He told His followers in devotion to wait

For Holy Spirit’s Baptism of fire.

Suddenly a sound like a rushing wind,

As they gathered on Pentecost’s morn;

Then tongues of fire settled on each

As power to witness was born.

So look to the wonders you’ll see in the sky

Which reveal God’s control and His will,

And there will be signs on the earth below.

His Prophesies All – He’ll Fulfill!

By Sally Hope Stancil


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