Silver Scenes of Jerusalem Yeminite Shofar

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Shofar Man Silver Shofar
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  Silver Scenes of Jerusalem Yemenite Shofar

Silver Shofar

Silver Shofar

Truly a work of art! Outstanding at any worship event or as a display of faith in your home or office environment.

This handcrafted 45″- 46″ showpiece Shofar features 6 sacred scenes including:

  • The Shofarman
  • Jerusalem
  • The Wailing Wall
  • Roots symbol
  • Star menorah
  • Grapes

All Shofars on this page are rare one-of-a-kinds pieces made exclusively for the Shofarman.  We have the only silver Yemenites containing all 6 of the scenes and symbols of Israel.  This Shofar brings together the symbols of Jews, Jewish Believers and Christians.

These Shofars are examples. Shofars vary slightly in size, length and color.

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43″- 44″, 45″ – 46″, 47″ – 48″

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