8 Part Shofar Teaching DVD SET

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Shofar DVD Set


Eight Hours of Teaching, Ministry, and Instruction

A great gift for your pastor or anyone who wants to teach on the Shofar.

This teaching takes the fear out of pastoring someone who is called to sound the shofar.  Having this knowledge brings order to using a shofar in worship and makes it easier to train and release shofar sounders in your local church. 

Highlights of this 6 Part – 6 Hour DVD Set Includes:

Traditional Hebrew shofar patterns

A tool for intercession – Ram Horn Shofar

How do you Blow the Shofar? (This is a brief, simple explanation – not an in-depth teaching)

A Jericho type shout released by 60 shofars being sounded all at one time for approximately 5 minutes

Laying on of hands, anointing service for shofar blowers

A word from the Lord for shofar blowers all over the world

How to Pick Out a Good Shofar

How to Get Rid of the Shofar Odor

How to Pick Out a Shofar with a Good Mouthpiece

The Three Different Finishes on a Shofar

Guidelines For Using a Shofar in the Local Church

The Shofar and the Prophetic

The Shofar and Denominational Walls

The Shofar as a Tool for Intercession

The Shofar as a Tool for Evangelism

The Shofar and the Voice of God

The Shofar and the Watchmen

Shofar Protocols and Guidelines

When you receive the revelation of the connection between the Shofar and the Voice of God, your appreciation for the Shofar and the Voice of God will jump to a new level,
taking your Shofar Ministry to a greater effectiveness in the areas of deliverance, healings, miracles and salvations.

BONUS – 2 part / 2 hour  DVDs include sermon notes and conference demonstrations that will further your shofar knowledge and skills.

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